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8 Aam Aadmi Clinics in Amritsar not functional for want of infra

8 Aam Aadmi Clinics in Amritsar not functional for want of infra

Renovation work going on in full swing, says Civil Surgeon

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seems to have rushed the launch of Aam Aadmi Clinics as many of these are yet to start functioning.

The buildings of eight of these clinics in the district are either being constructed or under renovation.

In the district, the government claims to have opened 38 Aam Aadmi Clinics. Eight were launched in the first phase on August 15.

Of the seven clinics launched officially in areas under the Community Health Centre, Lopoke, only three have become operational so far. The operational clinics do not have the Internet or Wi-Fi facility, which is a hindrance in the registration of patients.

Doctors have procured dongles or are using their mobile phones for Internet connectivity. A visit to the urban primary health centre, Kot Khalsa, revealed that health employees sit in the open as the building is being renovated. The only medical officer at the clinic is on leave and patients are being prescribed medicines by other staff members.

A visit to the primary health centre (PHC), Attari, converted into an Aam Aadmi Clinic, revealed that the old roof of the building has been demolished and the walls are being redone. The staff here too sit in the open.

At the PHC, Jasraur, which also finds mention in the 30 clinics that were launched, is also being renovated. The lone pharmacy officer is seen attending to patients and prescribing medicines.

On alternate days, the same pharmacy officer also offers services at the PHC, Othian. This too has been made an Aam Aadmi Clinic and the Health Department is yet to start the construction of the building.

Sources in the Health Department said the government had exaggerated the number just for political mileage. “Now, even when officially clinics have opened at several places in the district, residents of the area haven’t noticed their existence as they have not seen any change,” said a health employee.

Civil Surgeon Dr Charanji Singh said, “The work of the clinics which have not become operational is going on at a fast pace and these will become operational soon.” He claimed that internet issues are faced only when the server is down. Doctors have been advised to register patients offline in case they face a problem.

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