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Dengue count 304 in Amritsar district

Dengue count 304 in Amritsar district

With substantial fall in a temperature after mild showers in the area on Monday morning, health officials are hopeful of a dip in the number of dengue cases.

The district had reported a total number of 304 dengue cases during the ongoing season. The health experts stated that dengue virus becomes ineffective with decrease in temperature and as the winters would progress, the number of cases would decrease.

District Epidemiologist Dr Madan Mohan said, “We have already started noticing a decline in the number of dengue cases. In fact the district had reported only two cases during the past 24 hours.” He added that as a precaution people should continue to take steps to prevent mosquito bites.

The health official stated that number of dengue cases this season is far less than the last year. The district had reported over 1,600 cases during the dengue season last year. “The efforts made by the department to increase awareness about the dengue has certainly paid off. Dengue is an easily preventable disease provided the residents are aware and they take a good care of their surroundings,” he added.

The department officials said no deaths due to the disease have been reported in the current season. The health experts stated that most of the patients recovered from the disease at their homes and there was no need for hospitalisation.

Dr Madan said in case a person tests positive for dengue, he should increase intake of fluids and Vitamin C. He said there is no particular medicine for the disease and it is treated symptomatically. He added that the normally the patients starts recovering in seven to 10 days.


  • Always keep overhead tanks properly covered
  • Drain out water from coolers and scrub these dry once a week
  • In case of fever, get your blood examined at the earliest
  • Take full treatment if infected


  • Do not allow water to stagnate in and around your house
  • Do not throw discarded containers, tyres, pitchers and pots on the rooftop
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