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Punjab Congress slams CM Bhagwant Mann’s AAP govt over ‘targeted killings, hate crime’

Punjab Congress slams CM Bhagwant Mann’s AAP govt over ‘targeted killings, hate crime’

Slamming Punjab government, PCC chief Amarinder Raja Singh Warring said that the state has seen a few killings, but the AAP remains busy with the Gujarat election.

By Lalit Sharma: Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring on Monday asked the Aam Aadmi Party-led Punjab government to explain what it is planning to do in order to prevent targeted killings and hate crimes, claiming an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty was being created in the border state.

“There is a sense of fear among people that the ISI was trying to resort to selective and targeted killings in Punjab to disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the state. We have already seen a few killings, but the government remains inert and unmoved and is instead busy in Gujarat elections,” Warring said in Chandigarh.

The Punjab Congress Committee chief also questioned the silence of the Central government over such a serious situation in Punjab, wondering why it is allowing such a drift. “Or maybe someone wants polarisation in Punjab to suit their designs,” Warring said.

“Mere announcements about banning songs promoting gun culture or banning new weapon licenses will not solve the problem as criminals and gangsters do not use licensed weapons to target their victims and nor do they get inspired by songs,” the Congress leader said while taking a dig at the Punjab government’s recent decision to impose a ban on promoting gun culture in songs.

Warring also said the situation had further been complicated by the total absence of government machinery from the state that had led to complete inertia in its functioning.

“The people of Punjab did not elect you to campaign in Gujarat after abdicating your duties here,” he reminded the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, saying, with AAP remaining completely preoccupied with the Gujarat campaign, governance had badly suffered in Punjab.

The PCC chief also warned that there are reports already in the public domain about how Pakistan’s ISI was desperately trying to revive militancy in Punjab and indoctrinate and instigate youth to resort to violence. “There has been no visible plan or action on part of this government as if nothing has happened,” he observed, while warning against dealing with the situation as “business as usual”.

Referring to the recent killings of a Dera follower and popular singer Sidhu Moosewala, Warrning expressed surprise at how a crime gets committed in Punjab and it is the Delhi police which arrests the culprits. “Why is the Punjab government watching as a mute spectator?” he asked.

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