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Punjab Man Buys Rare Horse for 22 Lakh Only to Discover It’s a Fake

Punjab Man Buys Rare Horse for 22 Lakh Only to Discover It’s a Fake

Ramesh Singh discovered his horse was fake when he took him for a bath and the dye came off.

Ramesh Singh, a cloth merchant from Punjab was recently duped of Rs 22.65 lakh after discovering that a rare horse he had bought was actually a fake. A cloth merchant from Sangrur district, Singh decided to invest in a rare breed of Marwari horses and sell them for a profit, according to News18.

He met Lachhra Khan while looking for the horse. Khan convinced him that his associates, Jitender Pal Sekhon and Lakhwinder Singh owned the horse and that he could help carry out the sale. He also assured Singh that he would receive a good deal in the market for said horse.

Singh, who wanted to make a profit of about Rs 5 lakh after selling the horse discovered that the horse’s black coat came off after a single wash, and revealed a regular horse with a brown coat.

He filed an FIR, and upon investigation, it was found that Lachhra and his associates had defrauded seven other people in a similar manner. Six of them belonged to the same district, and one was from Patiala.

(With inputs from News18).

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