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Mata Lal Devi ( Model Town ) Temple


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Mata Lal Devi Ji Temple

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Mata Lal Devi Ji Temple

Incarnation: The city of Kasur (Pakistan), settled by Kusha, the elder son of Bhagwati Sita, was famous at that time because of Siddha-saints. Bawa Lal Ji of Dhyanpur and Baba Bulleh Shah Ji were also born in this city. On the auspicious day of February 21, 1923 in the same city, when Autumn had arrived on all sides, there was greenery and happiness, the flowers were scattering their fragrance on all sides, all the planets were reporting the arrival of an avtari man. Then, Durga Ji was incarnated as a Kanyaratna by Lala Harjasmal Marwaha and his wife, Mrs. Maya Devi. Since birth, the girl’s colour was red like the rising sun, so she was named ‘ Lal Devi ‘, Even before birth, Mother Maya Devi Ji saw many Gods and Goddesses and gave her the auspicious news of Durga’s arrival.

Despite many efforts this girl did not breastfeed the mother, in consultation with some knowledgeable older persons, they were started to feed the milk of the Kapila cow. As soon as she gained consciousness, the girl also gave up food and spent the rest of her life on fruits. With birth, many family sufferings and crises have been removed automatically. If someone nearby used to take the name of Durga ji, there would have been a divine charge in the girl child.

In childhood, Lala ji along with his family went to visit Bhagwati Chintpurni Dham.When the little girl was seated in the temple there, she started swinging in a divine spirit. Some known people told Lala ji that Rajrajeshwari Bhagwati Chintpurni has taken incarnation as your daughter. After coming from there, the girl showed some divine miracles, due to which her family stunned, and her fanatical Jaikrishna family got ready to worship Durga.

In childhood, the family members would notice that the aura of divine light kept on chasing the little goddess. One day, similar divine light shells lapped up the girl and the girl fell unconscious. After returning to consciousness, the girl told that lion ridden Bhagwati Durga Ji has appeared and she started residing in this (her) body. Pujya Mata used to tell about this incident that this was her first vision. Such supernatural light appeared from Durga’s Shri Deity that even the light of many suns seemed to fade in front of him.

After this incident, this little mother started showing many miracles. She began to appearing in people’s dreams and giving orders and inspiration. Many of their diseases, sufferings began to dispel tribulation.Children to infertile women, Son of the sonless, Money to poor, and fulfilling the wishes of the devotees who have come with any wish in their minds. People of all religions came to this little mother and paid their respects and addressed her in the name of the god of worship.

Ganga Darshan: From the age of seven, eight, Pujya Mata ji started doing hard penance. By locking herself in a room for many days, she would be absorbed in the meditation of Bhagwati day and night. At times, other women in her family would experience a supernatural light and divine fragrance from her room. Many times there are voices of some girls playing, talking and giggling. When the door is opened, there is no other one. She could be seen sitting in meditation all night. In June’s peak afternoon, the whole day spent meditating on the terrace. These days, his family went to Haridwar to bathe in the Ganges at a festival. They did not take her along with them. All that time, Mata ji spent his longing for the vision of Ganga Ji(Ganges). When the family came back, Pujya Mata ji said that she had become a vision of the Ganges at home and Ganga ji has given her a divine vessel full of ganga water. The minor incidents that happened with her family in Haridwar, the mother told them all the details. After this incident, the reverence of the revered mother in the mind of the family increased manifold.

Divine Charge: These days, Pujya Mata ji started sitting in the samadhi of the divine charge on the ashtami night of shukla paksha. Pujya Mata ji used to give a staggering sitting in the same posture for about 16 hours. At the time of this samadhi, the body of Pujya Mata would reveal such divine light that his worn red-coloured guard and the rose flowers nearby would also appear white. During this charge, the whole hall’s earth began to tremble and the devotees would experience a divine heavenly ecstasy. In the last stage of Samadhi, Pujya Mata ji used to call many devotees after their name and the solution to their problems remained in their whole life. While worshiping here, many devotees of Mata ji took fast for lifetime servicing (Seva) here.After the creation of Pakistan, Pujya Mata ji spent some time in Jalandhar but on the request of devotees, Pujya Mata ji stayed in the Kothi (goods warehouse) of Pindi Das, a guard of Amritsar. After some time, She stayed in Gagar Mal place. Around this time, devotee Surya Prakash ji too was demoted at her feet, upon seeing him, the revered mother said, “Here You have come”. Under the supervision of these devotees, the present Lal Bhavan and other temples were constructed. In 1954, Pujya Mata ji was resided in Rani’s Garden (Rani Ka Bagh) and here Pujya Mata ji started showing divine miraculous scales in her large form. The accompaniment in a vast form also started to gather. Many divine fates and festivals began to be celebrated. For the darshan of Pujya Mata Ji, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, founder of Iskon, Shri Bhakti Vedantacharya ji, Swami Arvind Nand ji, Chetan Prakananda ji and other great men started to come. Pujya Mata ji also frequently travelled to Vrindavan, Haridwar. Pujya Mata ji along with his accompaniment visited Amarnath, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Dwarkadish, Somnath, Banaras, Ayodhya, Allahabad, Lord Jagannath, Tirupati Bala ji, Kanyakumari, Meenakshi Devi and other famous pilgrimages of the south. There too, she appeared in her divine scales.Many famous politicians also used to pay their respects at the feet of Param Pujya Mata ji. Smt. Indira Gandhi, G. Zail Singh, S. Buta Singh, Virendra Singh, Raghunandan Lal Bhatias, Comrade Ram Krishan and several state-level leaders bows at the feet of the Param Pujya Mata ji. Around 1990, the companionship of Pujya Mata ji increased so much that the need for a big hall was felt. Today’s temple building is built after breaking the old temple. The divine places of all gods of India were established at here. That is where Pujya Mata ji was dreamt of Vaishno Devi Ji and said about the construction of her cave. This was stated by Pujya Mata ji to his chief servants. A few days later, the dream came back and Bhagwati Durga Ji said that devotees who cannot go to the cave at Katra for some reason, their wishes will be accepted in the Lal Bhawan. Pujya Mata ji told this to Saint Suraj Prakash. According to his instructions, the present cave was built. An artisan had a divine vision of Bhagwati Kali while creating a statue of Bhagwati Kali. In amritsar, when the cave was built, there was so much cold that records were broken, somewhere there was snow.After some time, Pujya Mata ji commanded to build a ashram in Haridwar. In the form of many years of hard work and tenacity of devotees, a Dham named Bharat Darshan Dham was established in Haridwar. In this also, the cave of Bhagwati Vaishno Devi was constructed. Similarly, a 15-room inn (accommodation) was constructed at Chintapunani Dham. Grand ashrams were also built in Delhi and Vrindavan.

Blessings on Baba Bohadi wale : The old townspeople in Amritsar knew this perfect saint. Holding only a nappy in the winter and summer, he used to flatten the rugged paths of Sant Nagar Area. He had spent the whole age in the psalms of Lord Rama Ji. He once came to her visions when he heard the glory of the mother. He had visions of Bhagwati Sita in Pujya Mata ji. He was shattered at the feet of the mother and began to pray that shower your grace at Ramtirtha(Birth place of Luv Kush). Ramtirtha was in a dilapidated condition by that time. There was no road and circumnavigation around. There were rough roads and the whole forest all around. Remember that in this pilgrimage, Bhagwati Sita had passed the days of her exile. This was the battle place of Luv – Kush with Lord Rama Ji’s army. After hearing the prayers of Baba Bohadi Ji, Pujya Mata ji commanded his accompaniment to serve the Ramtirtha. As a result, the present form of Ramatirtha came into existense. Here, a temple was also constructed by Pujya Mata ji. The second temple was built after her, in which a huge statue of Hanuman is constructed. In her entire life, Pujya Mata ji attracted the destitute and grieving people with his divine influence. Eliminated their sufferings and filled their lives with many happiness. She took the incurable disease of many devotees on her pure body. Above all, it distinguished them in the path of religion and asceticism. In fact, she was the nectar of all divine virtues. A simple and perfect person like her only appears after ages. It is because of her divine qualities that millions of her devotees still remember and pray to her day and night.


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