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Shivala Veer Bhan Temple

Shivala Veer Bhan Temple

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Ancient Shiv Temple

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Temple Shiv Ji Maharaj

Shivala Veer Bhan Temple

This Shivala was established by the great ascetic legitimate Raj Khami Shri Veer Bhan Ji Maha in the year 1841 AD. He was a competent scholar of Sanskrit and in his time used to give free Sanskrit education to the students. In this Shivala, there is a belief of the establishment of eleven rudas and the twelve Jyotirlingas along with Someshwar Mahadev. Along with this, there is also the establishment of Nav Durga idols and the establishment of Pawan Putra Shri Hanuman ji and the tomb of Shri Veer Bhan Ji Maharaj. Shri Veer Bhan Ji Maharaj was given the title of Egypt by Maharaja Sher Singh Ji, son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, this is an ancient Siddha Shiva place based on Vastu Shastra.


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