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Gurudwara Shaheedan Sahib, Amritsar

Gurudwara Shaheedan Sahib

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A martyr place of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed

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Gurudwara Shaheedan Sahib

Baba Deep Singh Ji

Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed Hail The Great Martyr – Baba Deep Singh Ji

Baba Deep Singh Ji was a chieftain of the famous Shaheedan Misl (misl of martyrs) one among the twelve Sikh misls. He fought the great battles of 18th Century and had to his credit, the penning down of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in his own hand.

In 1757 while in Damdama Sahib, Baba ji heard the news of the sacrilege of Sri Harmander Sahib and dismantling of the sacred tank by Taimur Shah and Jahan Khan, despite his old age Baba Ji hot hold of a 18 ser (15 kg/32 Ibs) Khanda (two edged sword), and started for Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar to liberate it from the clutches of the cruel goons and vowed to teach them a lesson of their life.

When news of Baba Deep Singh Ji’s march reached Jahan Khan, he immediately mobilized an army of 20,000 men and proceeded towards Tarn Taran. Baba Deep Singh Ji’s army intercepted Jahan Khan’s forces near the village of Gohalwar, about five miles from Amritsar. At this point, there was a clash between the opposing forces and a fierce battle was fought. During the clash, Jamal Khan, attacked Baba Deep Singh Ji. As they fought, both swung their weapons with great force, leaving both of their heads separated from their bodies. After seeing this scene, a young Sikh warrior called out to Baba Ji, reminding him of his vow to reach Sri Harmander Sahib. Upon hearing this, a miracle happened, Baba Deep Singh Ji immediately stood up, holding his severed head upright on his left palm while holding his Khanda in his right hand. He then continued fighting and moving towards Sri Harmander Sahib. Upon seeing the sight of Baba Deep Singh’s headless body tearing through their numbers, most of the men in the Mughal army fled away in terror. Baba Deep Singh was able to continue fighting and reached the periphery of Sri Harmander Sahib from where he Flung his severed head which came to rest at the parkarma. The Sikh Army continued to fight the fleeing Mughals until victory was achieved.

Baba Ji was cremated at this place. This gurdwara reminds Baba Deep Singh ji as a brave and courageous martyr with an unflinching dedication to the Sikh principles and is an inspiration to preserve the sanctity of the religious places.

Gurdwara Shaheed Bunga being situated in the Circumambulation commemorates Baba Ji and it is a source of inspiration for maintaining the piety of the Gurudhams – Gurdwaras


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