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Viral Video: Amritsar Vendor Selling Samosas For Just Rs. 2.50 Has Won The Internet

Viral Video: Amritsar Vendor Selling Samosas For Just Rs. 2.50 Has Won The Internet

An Amritsar-based vendor is selling Samosas for just 2 rupees and fifty paise, leaving internet users stunned!

Amritsar is a city known to be a foodie’s paradise. There are plenty of eateries in Amritsar that are famous not just in Punjab but also in the entire country. From mouth-watering Kulchas to crispy and decadent Fish Fry, you’ll find all the signature dishes you need and probably more. Recently, an Amritsar-based food vendor has gone viral for selling something different from the city’s usual popular delights. The elderly vendor is selling hot and crispy Samosas for foodies, and the reason he is winning hearts on the internet is that the Samosas are priced at just Rs. 2.50! The unbelievable video was shared on Instagram Reels and it has gone viral and how. Take a look at the video here:

The clip of the Amritsar Samosa vendor was shared on Instagram by blogger Sarabjeet Singh, who goes by the handle @mrsinghfoodhunter. Since the time it was posted, the video has raked in over 1 million views and 153k likes.

In the video, an elderly man could be seen cooking the Samosas right from scratch. He prepared the filling, carved the Samosas by hand, and deep-fried them too; serving them with delicious chutney. Many people were waiting to be served the yummy treats, which were priced at just 2 rupees and fifty paise. “75 years old Uncle ji selling samosa only for Rs 2.50/- at Mahana Singh Road Amritsar,” wrote the blogger in his caption.

nqovarugSamosa is a much-loved street food across the country.

Instagram users showered praise on the elderly Amritsar man selling Samosas by himself. The fact that his prices were extremely low took the internet by surprise. “Aaj ke zamane mein Rs. 2.5 ka samosa kaise,” asked one user while another said, “See the simplicity of his ….spread positivity.” Others said that this was only possible in the city of Amritsar, where the community tries that nobody should go to sleep hungry.


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