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Francesca D’Alonzo from Italy is now in India after traversing half the globe on her bike. She talks about the ups and downs of her adventures

Francesca D’Alonzo from Italy is now in India after traversing half the globe on her bike. She talks about the ups and downs of her adventures

Francesca D’Alonzo is on a daring adventure on her Yamaha Ténéré 700. As a biker, she always attracted attention — she knew it was tough out there but then her ambition was always to explore extraordinary places and hence, this exciting exercise — from Italy to India through Balkans, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

“I am finally in India. Can’t be happier than this,” she smiles. Francesca has been in India for two weeks now, crossing over into the country via the Wagah border. Ladakh was her first stop before arriving at Amritsar. “The Golden Temple was just stunning. A magical location indeed.”

Biking was not a welcome hobby. Her family had their apprehensions. “It was not a girl thing,” she was warned. “I was initially scared. I thought I was not capable of riding a motorbike.” Her boyfriend, Amedeo Lovisoni, initiated the idea and she lost little time in embracing biking to become a brand ambassador for Yamaha. Amedeo is her travelling partner on this tour, covering 200 to 500 kilometers a day, depending on the traffic. “We both hail from Udine, a city in north-eastern region Italy.”

” She presented a proposal to Yamaha Motors in Italy to ride the Yamaha Ténéré 700 in order to showcase women empowerment and was pleasantly surprised when it was accepted. She had driven 50,000 km in a year’s time since, travelling from Italy to Turkey. “Getting to India on a bike was my dream and I am super happy to have done this,” says the 34-year-old.

Francesca D’Alonzo in LadakhFrancesca D’Alonzo in Ladakh | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“I worked one year in London as a financial analyst, and I grew up studying ballet and modern dance, performing in European theatres. I backpacked in south-east Asia alone and hitchhiked across Europe. I’m a serial experimenter: skydiving, canyoning, surfing, paragliding, downhill skiing,” she says. Francesca is currently in the process of pursuing a second degree in Psychology, having secured one in Law in Bologna, Italy.

She wanted to do something by herself and that is why she took up the challenge. “I am stubborn when I want something. I wanted to set an example to the world. A story to inspire girls. It is not about the bike. It is a way to develop discipline, commitment and sacrifice. It is a daring way to travel.”

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