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Ram Tirath Temple

Ram Talai Temple, Amritsar

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A place linked with Lord Rama

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Ram Tirath Temple, Amritsar

In the gross creation, the land of India is known as Devbhoomi, i.e, the land of gods, because on this land, God himself performed the path of humanity by incarnate in human form on various occasions. Every act and leela of Maryada Purshitam Lord Shri Ram ji, is an exemplary model for Indians. The place that was sanctified by Lord Rama’s Charan Raja. Ayodhya, Mithila, Chitrakoot, Prayag, Panchavati, Ramtek and Rameswaram are the centers of Indian consciousness located in all four directions. The ascetic of the famous sages from the time of time, the battlefield of warriors, world renowned education centre like Takshashila, decorated with manastories of saints like Maharishi Panini and Maharishi Patanjali, the workplace of great sikh Gurus, Since ancient times which has been called with various names liked Sapta Sindhu, sometimes Panchanad, Indus / Indo or India, sometimes Hindusthan, and sometimes Punjab. In the holiest of the same ancient and historical earth, the ancient historic temple of Shri Ram Tirath is beautifully situated on the holy place of Amritsar. The ancient historical temple Sri Ram Tirath is located on Ram Tirath Road emerging from within the city. According to available historical and mythological evidences; this temple is related to the life of Lord Rama. The evidence of which is found in the list of temples at Amritsar in the forecourt of Shri Durgyana Tirtha, Amritsar. When Shri Ram organised the Yagya on the orders of his gurus, the horse was released as per the Yagya tradition. When he travelled, he arrived near the ashram of Lord Maharishi Balmiki Ji, nowadays known as Ramtirtha, So in the proximity of Mata Sita ji, little Kumars Shri Luv-Kush ji grabbed the horse. The commander of the army, who was accompanying to protect the horse, directed kumars Luv-Kush to leave the horse and apprised of the seriousness of the situation. The both kumars clearly refused to return the yagna horse, showing determination and utmost courage. Army chief defied both kumars to battle for the liberation of the sacrificial horse. The two Kumar boys fainted most of the army by introducing their combat skills and heroic courage and the rest left the war zone and fled. When the messengers came to Shri Ram Ji with this news, Shri Ram ji ordered the younger brothers (Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan) to travel towards the war zone, including the army, in view of the seriousness of the situation. When they all failed to liberate the horse, he himself walked towards the ashram of Lord Maharishi Valmiki Ji (currently known as Shriram Tirtha) along with Raghukul Shiromani Mahavir Hanuman ji. Lord Shri Ram put a halt on Ramtalai before Lord Maharshi Valmiki Ji’s ashram. ‘The physical, mental, spiritual sufferings of all were addressed momentarily by raining nectar to revive/reflecting the faint and wounded soldiers, at the same sacred place, the temple is Shri Ram Talai situated. Hearing the gospel of the arrival of Lord Shri Ram Ji, Lord Maharishi Valmiki Ji accompanied Mata Sita and both Kumars Love-Kush ji to visit Lord Shri Ram Ji. Maharishi Valmiki Ji met lord Shri Ram Ji of both the Kumars and apprised him of the fact that both the brave Sukumar boys are your own brave sons. Those who have been in the proximity of their mother, Shri Sita, have been educated in all kinds of scriptures and weapons, and there was an ocean of joyand joy all around. Bhakta-Vatsal Anandkand, Kripasindhu Lord Ram gave a boon to the place that any devotee who wishes to have children at this place with devotion, faith, will surely get fulfilled. Since then, there has been a tradition that those who do not have children, remembering the sacred stages of Lord Shri Ram Ji, and resolve that our children (sons) derived from your virtuous influence will be present in your service in the days of Navratras in the garb of your supreme devotee, Shri Hanuman Ji. Since then, this tradition is prevalent only in Amritsar city out of all india, which is called Langur in the local language. On the auspicious occasion of Navratras, Langur must come to Shri Ram Talai Temple. During the Mahabharata period, the Pandavas also spent some time of their exile at this place. Influenced by the sanctity of this place, Buddha also described the same place as the best for the cannon of monks. Due to these special reasons, the great Sikh Gurus, the savior of humanity, gave great importance to this place. Which was once called Guru’s Chakk, Chakk Guru Ramdas, and Ramdaspur. Present name Amritsar which was formed under the direction of the fourth Guru Ramdas ji. This city has its own special place in Indian cultural, historical and political activities. The beautiful pond / lake of the temple has lost its unique beauty due to lack of repair and supply of pure water.The Management Committee of the present temple, which is registered in the name of the temple Shri Ram Talai Reform Committee, has resolved to renovate the temple with the inspiration, grace and blessings of Lord Shri Ram Ji. The very ancient Siddha temple of Baba Bhairavnath ji of Kanshi, the aradhya of the Nath sect located in the courtyard of the temple. The saints and devotees of the Nath community come from afar. The supernatural and unique idol of Maruti Bhagwan Shri Hanuman, who completes all the desires, is also in the same temple, regarding which it’s famous that such idol statue of Pawanputra Kesari Nandan is nowhere in the whole of India, A new temple has been constructed for this. Neelkanth shivalay is also under construction for the Jyotirling of Mahakaleshwar, Lord Shiv Shankar.

There is proper provision of rest, accommodation and food for saints, and pilgrims in the temple. Special programs are held every Tuesday and Monday. Dharamshala is also under construction for travellers for resting. Seeing this holy pilgrimage sacred of Lord Shri Ram, get the desired blessings and experience unlimited peace and contentment in life, make your life useful for the nation and family and become a part of the virtue.


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